Fast D8 local setup with drush

June 10, 2018

Submitted by twfahey on Wed, 04/18/2018 - 09:53

I recently stumbled across a command I hadn't known existed, but I think could potentially save a lot of time when it comes to showcasing D8 or firing up an instance to mess around with:

drush qd

You'll see when running this command, it creates a new folder with D8, and starts a server. Here's the output from my terminal running this command:

eis1-897460:local-sites twf369$ drush qd
Project drupal (8.5.1) downloaded to /Users/twf369/Documents/local-sites/quick-drupal-20180417160432/drupal.                     [success]
Project drupal contains:                                                                                                         [success]
 - 2 profiles: demo_umami, standard
 - 16 themes: stark, twig, seven, classy, bartik, stable, testing_multilingual, testing_config_overrides, umami,
demo_umami_content, testing_config_import, drupal_system_listing_compatible_test, testing, minimal, testing_missing_dependencies,
 - 75 modules: simpletest, media, block, entity_reference, help, editor, rest, content_translation, rdf, views, ban, node,
responsive_image, filter, text, page_cache, dblog, field_layout, settings_tray, tour, field_ui, book, history,
dynamic_page_cache, taxonomy, link, migrate, automated_cron, action, system, forum, block_place, menu_link_content, breakpoint,
search, big_pipe, telephone, image, layout_discovery, field, block_content, ckeditor, user, language, tracker, workflows,
inline_form_errors, toolbar, basic_auth, aggregator, views_ui, path, color, serialization, comment, quickedit, contextual,
datetime, hal, config, file, datetime_range, update, migrate_drupal_ui, content_moderation, menu_ui, locale, layout_builder,
syslog, contact, shortcut, options, config_translation, statistics, migrate_drupal

You are about to create a /Users/twf369/Documents/local-sites/quick-drupal-20180417160432/drupal/sites/default/settings.php file and CREATE the 'sites/default/files/quick-drupal-20180417160432.sqlite' database. Do you want to continue? (y/n): y
Starting Drupal installation. This takes a while. Consider using the --notify global option.                                     [ok]
Installation complete.  User name: admin  User password: Pd85VinqTk                                                              [ok]
Congratulations, you installed Drupal!                                                                                           [status]
Caching 'uri' in /Users/twf369/Documents/local-sites/quick-drupal-20180417160432/drupal/drush/drushrc.php         [ok]
HTTP server listening on, port 8888 (see, serving site, logged in as admin...

Pretty awesome! Not *exactly* an "out of the box" thing you could do with say a brand new laptop, since it requires drush to be installed, but you could get everything going on a new Macbook by:

  • Install drush
  • Run drush qd -y

Apparently, this has been around even for D7. But it nonetheless is something I found very cool and hadn't yet heard of.